Lustlands Vol.2

Common work with Vassilis H

New Dawn @ CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery(solo)

Arrested in Abyss,2012,Acrylic on Canvas,160x180cm

In The Valley of Hades,2012,Acrylic on Canvas,150x180cm

Lullaby Of The Lost Soul,2012,Acrylic on Canvas,140x120cm

Chasing Dragons,2011,Acrylic on Canvas,30x23cm

Images Of A Floating World at Hosted in Athens

Untitled from the collage series Captain America VS Red Skull. Images Of A Floating World at Hosted in Athens, EPASKT / Athens (GR)

Aus der Zeit at Frontviews Temporary

Selection from the collage series Killian’s Tide. Aus der Zeit at  Frontviews Temporary / Berlin (DE)

Eberhard Dietzsch Kunstpreis 2012

Heavy Metal Rules, 27x22cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2011 @ Eberhard Dietzsch Kunstpreis 2012, Geraer Bank / Gera (DE)

Arte Fiera Bologna

Killing This Fear at Fabio Tiboni Booth at Arte Fiera Bologna (IT), 2012

Positive Pollution at Fabio Tiboni/Sponda



Solo Exhibition “Positive Pollution” at Fabio Tiboni/Sponda, Bologna (IT),2011

My Atelier is Burning at 48Hours Neukölln

My Atelier is burning at 48Hours Neukölln,with Gabriel Braun and Caroline Kryzecki,2011

Looking Forward at The Breeder

Looking Forward at The Breeder, Athens (GR), with Vassilis H,2011

Demo2 at Dynamo Project Space

Demo2 at Dynamo Project Space,Thessaloniki(GR)2011