Every Line Tells Its Own Story at Galerie Nathalie Halgand


Yorgos Stamkopoulos, Untitled, 2017, Steel, 200x80x60 ca


On view: Yorgos Stamkopoulos, Claire Gasson, Cornelia Baltes


On view: Yorgos Stamkopoulos, Athanasios Argianas, Charlotte Clobassa, Cornelia Baltes

A Higly Dazed World at Daily Lazy Projects

highlydazed 2 highlydazed 1

on view: Isaac Lythgoe, Stefania Batoeva, Yorgos Stamkopoulos

Trajectory at Mario Iannelli gallery (solo)

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Soul Remains at Nathalie Halgand gallery(solo)

No Superior Side at COSAR HMT

Yorgos Stamkopoulos and Jens Einhorn

Forth Under Skip Down @ Frontviews Temporary

Beyond Ancient Space @ CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery(solo)

About Sculpture #3 Off Limits @ Lady Fitness Space for Contemporary Art Berlin

Yorgos Stamkopoulos,  Life’s End, 2013, Acrylic on Canvas, 180x220cm

Reflections on Psychedelia at CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery

Left: Yorgos Stamkopoulos, Middle: Pius Fox, Right: Yudi Noor

Der Grund ist nicht Licht,sondern Nacht at Galerie Christian Ehrentraut

From left to right: Destined Night, 2014, Acrylic on Canvas, 90x80cm  and Weed Priest, 2013, Acrylic on Canvas, 150x120cm

Installation shot

Yorgos Stamkopoulos, Supersonic Psalm, 2013, Acrylic on Canvas, 200x300cm